Ongoing Working Groups

1) The G19 Dissertation Group: Meets Tuesdays at 5pm Eastern on Zoom for an hour of dissertation writing and workshopping. All are welcome! Contact Ami Yoon at if you’re interested in joining.


2) Comprehensive exam bank: G19 is soliciting comprehensive and/or qualifying exam lists. We are compiling these lists into a public resource both to help future graduate students compose their lists and also as data to understand the state of the field. We plan to publish aggregated results as a digital database that can be used by students, faculty, and the interested public next year. Please share widely with your department and colleagues. Please note that Google Forms requires you to log in to upload files. We will not use your email for any other purpose, and your list(s) will be anonymized.

Contact with questions.


3) Non-academic jobs resources: G19 is soliciting resources about non-academic jobs to put together a guide for C19ers. Have a good book recommendation? Helpful website? Guidance document? Please send your tips and materials to Jamie Bolker via email,

For questions, information, or submissions: g19collective@gmail